New Jersey's motor vehicle laws are among the toughest in the nation. People who violate licensing laws, insurance requirements, or operate motor vehicles under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or controlled dangerous substances can be subject to severe penalties. They include substantial fines, revocation of driving privileges both in New Jersey and their own state if they are licensed out of state, community service and jail. Most motor vehicle convictions also result in the assessment of points, which usually results in both motor vehicle registration surcharges and automobile insurance surcharges that can be assessed for several years. We are knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating cases and knowing how to defend you. 

Richard Krueger has defended clients in municipal courts throughout New Jersey for 35 years and has served as a Municipal Public Defender. We are well known in many courts and are regarded as knowledgeable and ethical attorneys who aggressively protect our clients. We know the actual and technical defenses available on motor vehicle charges and will protect your rights.